Crossing the border of Russia and Belarus.

published 01.08.2017
According to the Federal Law of Russia and Belarus, only citizens of their countries can cross border between mentioned countries.
All other citizens can enter Russia or Belarus only through the international migration ports-of-entry. Otherwise it is considered that you have entered country illegally and you will be deported as soon as any police officer will check your documents.
Please keep in mind that there are no international migration ports-of-entry between Russia and Belarus.

Registration in Russia in the period of 01.06.17 - 12.07.17.

published 26.12.2013
In the period of 01.06.17 - 12.07.17 all foreigner must make registration during 1 day after arriving to Russia. The law covers all districts where take place FIFA Confederations Cup matches.

UAE announces visa on arrival for nationals of 13 EU countries.

published 06.03.2014
Citizens of 13 EU states to get visa on arrival facility in the UAE
WAM Published: 11:11 March 5, 2014
Abu Dhabi: The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that citizens of 13 European Union member states, who hold ordinary passports, will be exempted from the need to acquire pre-entry visas to the UAE. with effect from 22nd March, 2014, in implementation of the decision taken by the UAE Cabinet in this regard.
The countries are: Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.
As a result of the above decision, citizens of all 28 countries in the EU will be allowed to enter the UAE. without having to previously apply for a visa.
The ministry statement added that all necessary measures have been taken by the Ministry of the Interior to implement the decision at all UAE. points of entry.
The statement went on to say that these exemptions will enhance political relations between the UAE. and European Union, will help to further develop economic ties and bilateral trade and will also help to encourage mutual investment, while promoting tourism both to and from these countries.


Since 24.01.2014 Estonian citizens can travel to Thailand without visa.

published 26.12.2013
Since 24.01.2014 Estonian citizens can travel to Thailand for not more than 30 days without visa.

New application form for Thailand visa

published 06.12.2013
Thailand consulate do not accept old application forms since 01.12.2013. You can print out new application form either from our web page or by clicking here.

New prices for India visas

published 27.08.2013
The prices for India visas have been changed. New prices can be seen on our web page.

New prices for Thailand visas

published 18.01.2013
The prices for Thailand transit visas have been changed. New prices can be seen on our web page.

New prices for Vietnam visas

published 14.01.2013
The prices for Vietnam visas have been changed. New prices can be seen on our web page.

Update to the INDIA re-entry application

published 04.12.2012
We just got now an update to the Re-entry application. The re-entry is not required anymore for Finnish and Estonian Citizen. That means, they do not have to wait 2 months before reentering India.

The consulate of Kazakhstan is closed

published 15.10.2012
The consulate of Kazakhstan is closed from 16.10.2012 till 18.10.2012 Next working day is 19.10.2012

Our web page is updated

published 21.09.2012
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